Teachers: Read this FIRST

Important details to know:

  • Within each unit, there is a PDF downloadable UNIT GUIDE for teachers and a STUDENT NOTES PACKET.
    • You'll find these in the first section titled "Start Here" within each unit.
  • Under many of the videos, there is a section titled "Additional Resources & Links."
    • If additional resources are referenced in ideas for how to follow up (in the UNIT GUIDE for teachers), you'll find them there.
  • Supplies needed for each student:
    • One set of post-it note flags
    • Bible highlighters or colored pencils in colors that correspond to post-it note flags
    • Bible
    • Find out more about how these are used in the section on BIBLE FLAGGING
  • Check out the very last section titled "SUMMARY' for additional follow up resources.

More about the Student Note Pages:

Each video session has an associated student notes page. All of these pages are in ONE downloadable PDF for each unit, located at the beginning of the corresponding unit.

These note pages were created by my 19-year-old college student who loves journals, doodling, and well-crafted note pages from college professors. She applied what she remembered from high school about keeping her interest, as well as engaging her various learning triggers. You may want to adapt these pages to your specific group of students.

Most of the answers to the notes pages can be found throughout the teacher guide or easily discerned by watching the videos.

Using the Teachable navigation:

  • There is an optional Course Completion" feature in this Teachable platform.
  • If you are using this feature to mark progress, you'll need to click on "Complete and continue" (top right on desktop) after each session or turn on the autocomplete feature in the settings (gear icon in the top left).